All hunters who's package includes  accommodations will be lodged at one of our great locations.  Assignments will be made by OhioWRO and communicated to our hunters on the first evening.


All hunters who's package includes meals will be provided breakfast, bagged lunch,and family style dinner during your hunt.  Menu will be determined by OhioWRO and varies.


Transportation is provided to all hunters who's package includes accommodations.  Based on our knowledge of recent deer movement, we will provide transportation to one of our many stand/blind locations.




We blend our own mineral mixture and supply enough to ensure our herd has what is needed for body mass and horn growth.

Food Plots

Even though our deer feed heavily on acorns throughout the season we plant numerous plots to provide key nutrition through the summer and late season months.

Trail Cams

We collect 1000’s of pictures to inventory our deer herd and to put together a hit list of shooter bucks, consisting of mature, and call bucks.

Wind Direction Hunting

We base our hunters placement on wind direction based on our best knowledge of where we believe deer will bed, feed, and run. We will never jeopardize our hunting pressure or the success of future hunters by hunting a stand with the wrong wind.

Camera Relocating

We will move cameras from preseason locations to funnel areas, travel corridors, ect.. to keep tabs on our bucks.

New Stand Placement

We’re not scared of “Hang and Bang Hunts” ... we will make a move on a shooter buck that we feel is harvest-able, in order to up the odds for our customers.

Trail Cam Round Table

We spend countless hours putting together notes & information on our deer which is gathered throughout the season to prepare for the next season.

Equipment Replacement

Safety is at the front and foremost of our minds therefore we inspect our stands, sticks, blinds, and equipment after each and every season.


Each year we collaborate to increase the potential of our customers success rate.  We analyze patterns and share ideas in an effort to improve our knowledge of the land and wildlife.


Ohio DNR

We offer the link to Ohio DNR so you can purchase your license & tags. Also, please be sure to review all laws and regulations prior to your hunt.


We offer the following link to WLC Taxidermy & Processing, a local taxidermist.  There are others in the area but WLC can be reached at 330.637.9610.

Sporting Goods

We offer the following link for your convenience just in case you forgot something there are a number of sporting/hunting goods stores nearby.  

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